Saving Time When You Bill Time

When you bill in 6 minute increments, time takes on a very different meaning. There is a need to be a strong biller and with that, a push for efficiency.

  1. Deal with Time Entries Daily. It can be tempting to wait until the weekly billing deadline to enter and close time, but do so when it is fresh in your mind and avoid having to go back through your emails and calendar to remember what you did that day.
  2. Don’t Wait Until Your Annual Review. Your annual self assessment takes place every year and without fail it is at the most inconvenient time. Save yourself time at the end of the billable year by keeping a running list of accomplishments and draft responses to questions you know will be asked.
  3. Batch It. Context switching takes time so group similar tasks together for a dedicated period of time with no interruptions. For example, respond to emails for 20 minutes, marking those that need more than a quick email response. Then turn fully to a client project without looking at your inbox.

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