Point One- Stair Challenge

Point One Stairs

There are those days where the work load is so heavy, that a trip to the gym just can’t be made. It’s those days in particular that I know a few minutes of cardio would make a huge difference in my productivity and my mood. Sometimes all you need is a Point One break- 0.1 hour or 6 minutes off from the billable hour to rev up the heart rate.

An easy solution is what I call the stair challenge where I see how many flights of stairs I can take in 6 minutes. Most days I use the internal stairs at a leisurely pace without changing out of my heels. Then there are the days where I lace up my sneakers and use the external stairs as my own personal Stairmaster. Either way, when I get back to my office I always feel better and I find myself looking forward to the next stair challenge day to see if I can make a new personal best.

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