Mergers and Acquisitions Weekly Watch

In recent mergers and acquisitions news, Microsoft seeks to promote real time collaboration and Net-a-Porter is in talks to partner up for what may be an online high fashion juggernaut.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Microsoft Acquires LiveLoop

20150330_M&A LiveLoop

  • Target: LiveLoop, a software company
  • Consideration: Not Disclosed
  • Date Announced: March 26, 2015

LiveLoop has a plugin that enables modification of a single presentation by a group in real time. MBA students everywhere will surely rejoice if this becomes a standard option for PowerPoint.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Potential Acquisition of Net-a-Porter

20150330_M&A Netaporter

Talks of an acquisition of Net-a-Porter are abuzz, with the open question of who will be the buyer. Reports earlier this week suggested that Amazon may be in talks to acquire the high fashion retailer, but according to Forbes, an Amazon spokesperson has said that this rumor is not true. Italian online fashion retailer Yoox may announce a deal this week, according to Reuters. Of note is that Net-a-Porter has turned down acquisition proposals in the past, but an offer from Yoox may be accepted as Yoox is viewed as a “strategic  partner” and a “strong operator”, and together they would be able to play a more dominant role in online fashion sales in Asia. Yoox is a publicly traded Italian online retailer, and a partnership with Net-a-Porter could result in a powerhouse high fashion online retailer that changes the game for trendy spending. As a Net-a-Porter customer, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this potential deal.

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