Big Law Associate Skills to Develop

Practicing in Big Law requires a lot of things, but here are 3 key skills that span all practice groups:

  1. Self Advocacy. Know how to clearly state your position. Be able to explain why you did what you did, why you are the best person to staff and why you deserve what you want.
  2. Delegation. Know how and when to effectively delegate tasks. Your time and skill set is valuable. It can be easy to want to do everything yourself. It can be great for hours to do everything yourself. You cannot and should not do everything yourself, that is why big law has the structure it has. Learning how to effectively delegate will help you build the practice you want.
  3. Receiving and Processing Tough Feedback. A senior associate once told me, if I give you constructive criticism it’s because I care about your career- If I didn’t care, I would just let you make mistakes and never get better. It can hurt to get feedback, but learning how to receive and respond with appreciation will get you far in this job. Further, processing that feedback in a constructive manner is also important. Do not ruminate for too long. Learn the lesson, accept the punches and move on.

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