Point One- Instagram Happy


The corporate life can get monotonous at times. We get into a routine and it can be easy to forget to appreciate the little things. Sometimes all you need is a Point One break- 0.1 hour or 6 minutes off from the billable hour to appreciate the little things that make you happy.

I like to take a break from the billable hour to do an Instagram happy challenge. I love taking photos of the little things at work that make me happy, like a surprise of chocolate bacon goodness from a colleague who knows that bacon is the ultimate joy. I find that taking and sharing a snapshot of what makes me happy is not only a very relaxing way to take a break from the billable hour, but it also fosters happiness in others when they comment on the photo or decide to join in on the challenge with me. If taking a break to Instagram (and then subsequently devour) a chocolate bacon concoction isn’t happiness I don’t know what is.

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