What is Wi-Fi First?


Defining Wi-Fi First

Wi-Fi First means a device or a system that uses Wi-Fi first (hence the name) and cellular service second only as needed. It is a heavily used term these days in discussions on the future of mobile communication. Google recently announced that it plans to launch its own wireless Wi-Fi First service, Project Fi, which many claim has the potential to revolutionize the cellular industry.

Why Wi-Fi First Matters to Lawyers

Wi-Fi First is a term lawyers should know to better understand certain clients and the goal of their particular product or service. It won’t be just Google who seeks to capitalize on this service. Project Fi is an example of a disruptive innovation (See: What is Disruptive Innovation?) and one which will (a) bring new innovation and players to the wireless market and (b) cause existing players such as the big name mobile carriers to have to reconsider their current business model.

Wi-Fi First is also a concept which should interest the masses as it has the potential to save smart phone users a lot of money. It will be interesting to see how the mobile industry will respond and whether this service inspires smart phone users to change their device preference. Project Fi is currently available on an invite only basis and works only with one device, the Nexus 6.

For more information on Project Fi in particular, check out the Project Fi page as well as Engadget’s Cheat Sheet to Project Fi.

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