Point One- Simple Scrapbook Session

20150414_Double Duty

As a working mom, one of the things I frequently put off is organizing all our family photos and mementos into scrapbooks or albums. Like many people, I am guilty of taking countless photos and then doing nothing with them. I always vow to take time over the weekend to have the photos printed and organized, but with work and the hectic present, it can be hard to take a moment and appreciate the past. Sometimes all you need is a Point One break- 0.1 hour or 6 minutes off from the billable hour to scrapbook some family memories.

Thankfully there are products like Project Life and A Beautiful Mess Scrapbooks and photo printing/mailing services like Costco, Shutterly and MPix that make scrapbook sessions quick and effortless. I can just slip photos into the plastic pockets, glue ticket stubs to pre-cut paper inserts and scribble comments of my favorite memories. Simple scrapbook sessions are a great way to take a quick break from the billables plus cross something off your to-do list. Plus, if you’ve ever finished a scrapbook or photo album, you know how strangely satisfying it feels. 60 page merger agreement drafted kind of satisfying.

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